New and never before heard variants of flus are being reported all over the news and new warnings are being announced that we may be facing a new global pandemic.

A few years ago, the SARS flu caused many deaths in China and later in 2007, bird flu variants were being tracked as they spread from country to country. In April 2009, swine flu cases were being brought up to public attention in Mexico and in a few weeks, in the US and in the UK. To effectively kill the flu virus in our human organisms, using MMS is the most efficient method. It is the best flu and overall pathogen killer known to man that also does not cause any harm or damage to the human body.
It should be noted that you will not catch swine flu from eating pork or products made with pork. It is transferred in the air from the pigs to those who take care of them. From there, they spread it to other humans and it just goes from there. Face masks are very effective to not catch it and can be found almost anywhere.

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Sodium Chlorite

MMS is a germicidal agent, and has its differences from antibiotics in its approach to the elimination of the pathogens in your body. Using MMS can help you prevent from catching the flu and also to help cure it. The method that is outlined below should be taken on an hourly basis.

  1. In a cup or glass of your choosing, mix one drop of MMS with one drop of 50% citric acid or five drops of 10% citric acid. Swirl both liquids and wait three minutes for the activation.
  2. Add ½ a glass of water or at least four ounces to the solution. Juice can also suffice, but make sure that it has not Vitamin C added because it would cancel out the MMS.
  3. If you feel no discomfort or nausea after one hour of taking MMS, then go ahead and increase the dosage to two drops an hour. If you still continue to not feel any discomfort, you can go for thee drops for the next hour. If you begin to feel sick, make sure to cut back on one drop of MMS because feeling sick will not help you feel any better. The maximum amount of drops that you want to reach is six drops an hour but do not push yourself to get there.
  4. Continue this procedure for 12 hours. The flu should be completely gone by the end of the 12 hours; if in any case it is not, do not stop taking MMS until you are feeling better and recovered. If the symptoms remain until the next day, then continue on with the procedure. If you want to treat a child, it is the same procedure but start out with ½ a drop and work your way to a maximum of three drops per hour. Make sure to not have the child feel sick at all. If they feel sick, cut back on the drops respectively.
  5. Continue applying WPS with a six drop dose twice a day for the next week or two.
  6. To prevent flu, take one 6 drop dose every day for adults and children should take a dose that pertains to their age and weight. Use one drop for every 25 pounds of body weight and one drop only for babies.
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