Pregnant women and small children can be treated by MMS just like anyone else and it has been happening ever since MMS has been invented. There were many cases of women that had malaria or a number of heavy diseases that were easily overcome by using MMS in their daily lives.

Children are the same case. Any child that has a disease that is considered to be very hard to cure is easily overcome with the right WPS doses. There have been many websites that have stated that you should not risk giving MMS to pregnant women and babies. All that the statements like that one will be cloud the judgment of other adults that can easily help their loved ones.

MMS has already saved many lives of infants and children. The babies that are being treated by those who believe that MMS will harm them will not be saved and it is a real shame. It’s obvious there has been many cases of very positive results in where the disease stricken children have become better in a short amount of time. There are many accusations against MMS everywhere on the internet. That comes from people with no knowledge about the subject and do not review the clear evidence.
As stated before, MMS is a weak oxidizer that cannot harm human cells or organs. It only goes after pathogens because of the weak outer membrane that they have. It is very easily oxidized by MMS. MMS never has had a bad reaction on skin if it is used correctly with the right dosages of drops.

Pregnant women should take a maintenance dosage of six drops a day to keep their immune system at peak condition for their child. Of course people don’t want to risk giving something that apparently does harm according to others, but the facts are clear. You must act now so you don’t lose a loved one in the near future, and God forbid your child.

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