This particular PROTOCOL is for people who experience pain, flu, colds, pneumonia, and other diseases that are not really considered to be incurable but that have been present in the person’s system for quite some time.

When people are sick and have to stay in bed, they should just use the most basic method to start feeling better. That is to use one drop of MMS for each drop of 50% Citric Acid and take that on an hourly basis.

The name of this particular PROTOCOL comes from a lady that was the first to ever apply it consistently. There is a possibility that you have read the last chapter in the second edition of the book The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century that is for sale at There are tons of successful stories of Clara treating people with this particular PROTOCOL.

On the night of 12/14/07, a lady of about 65 years of age and her husband came to buy some MMS and Clara would always give them a six drop dose and have them wait for an hour. After the hour passed, she would have them mix the next six drop dose so that they would get it right. They would wait for a few minutes up to an hour before Clara had them leave. The lady that came in had her right hand and right foot completely paralyzed. She came in with a walker but was not able to hold it herself so her husband assisted her. After Clara gave her the two doses, she was able to regain feeling in her right hand and in her right foot and was able to exercise them freely. When she started to leave, she still had to use her walker but with no assistance from her husband and her lower back pain went away.
That is the story of this specific PROTOCOL and it can be used for quick and positive effects when facing an immediate or chronic sickness.

Step 1 – Take six drops of MMS and add it to six drops of 50% solution of citric acid, or 30 drops of lemon juice, or 30 drops of lime juice. Shake the glass so the liquids both mix together and wait three minutes. Then add about ½ glass of water to the solution and drink it. You can also use juice that does not have any added Vitamin C. Recommended juices are apple juice, grape juice, pineapple juice, or cranberry juice.

If the person using this PROTOCOL starts feeling sick when using 6 drops, they should not increase to 7 drops but instead drop down to 3 and 3. It rarely happens but if they were to increase their dosages, the nausea and pain they feel will only increase. You want to keep doing 6 and 6 until they can tolerate the feelings that come with it and increase to 7 and 7 only when they feel comfortable. The general goal of the number of drops to take is 15 and 15. If you are thinking about children, you would normally want three drops for every 25 pounds of weight.
This number of drops pretty well ensures that one’s body is completely free of pathogenic microorganisms and heavy metals. Once one has achieved this high level of drops, they should drop back to a 6 drop dose twice a week for maintenance. Just like any other PROTOCOL, the general rule is to not feel even more sick than you already do.

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