If MMS were to be able to handle any kind of disease, it would be much easier. There seems to exist one type of fungus that MMS cannot cure and in some cases, even help it reproduce further.

It is not athlete’s foot, it is much worse. It can occur on the skin and it seems to be the worst kind of skin condition known. It burns and itches and it is also growing under the skin and is overall a very bad condition. The name of this fungus has not been yet identified and it can last for years. It is not entirely clear whether the fungus is fatal or not but it can cause some serious damage over the course of time.

When faced with this type of fungus, any application of MMS will cause stinging and burning pain. It turns out to be worse when treated with MMS. Luckily, this type of fungus is extremely rare.
Although, if you do have athlete’s feet that won’t go away or a gum disease for a long period of time, read on. Go to any health food store and ask to buy a jar of Aztec clay. In other countries, they have clay that will work just as well. Mix this clay with a 50-50 Vaseline and smear it on various areas that are affected by the fungus.

If you do not use Vaseline, it will just not work as well because the Vaseline helps it make contact with skin and tissues. If it is in the mouth that is the only case in which you shouldn’t use Vaseline. If it is in the gums, brush your teeth with the Aztec Clay three to four times a day. The fungus infection should be gone in about a week but keep doing a light coating of the infected area for a month or so to keep it at bay and make sure that it is fully treated.
If the fungus is on the inside of the body, start with taking 1 teaspoon of the clay in ½ a glass of water or juice and in several days you will want to increase it to two tablespoons a day.

Similarly, molecular silver solution has proven to have good results. Some people use this two hours after MMS doses to speed up the MMS germicidal benefits. Molecular silver is superior to most colloidal silver because it is manufactured at very high voltages.

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