The following PROTOCOL is very easy to follow and is very effective against swine flu.

1.Take MMS every hour starting off with just one drop an hour. Continue to take that amount of drops for at least three to four hours and see how you are doing. If you are feeling worse, lower the amount of drops and if you are feeling just fine, increase it to two hours. Check after three to four hours how you are feeling with two drops an hour, and if you are ok, increase it to three drops and hour. Do this for at least eight hours a day; 12 hours is the recommended amount.

2.The PROTOCOL is similar for children but you start with ½ a drop per hour. After three to four hours check how the child is doing and if he is not feeling bad, increase the amount of drops. Never go over two drops for each 50 pounds of body weight. A general rule is to not go over two drops an hour.

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Sodium Chlorite

If you are thinking that is to complex, remember that there is nothing a doctor or a hospital can give you that will help kill the virus. MMS2 is also very powerful against flu and can be put together with MMS1 to make you recover much faster. When using both in combination, they will decrease the amount of recovery time and you will feel better much faster.

The swine flu is a man-made viral disease that has been released so the big pharmaceutical companies can make millions of those who are sick and more millions of the flu shot that is given to the generic public. It is no great secret that it is man-made just like how AIDS was created in a laboratory in the USA. See to see the list of 150 diseases that have recently become popular.

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