If you are suffering from rashes, cold sores, dermatitis, eczema, or even skin cancer, this PROTOCOL is perfect for you.

It is possible to absorb MMS through the skin. When paired with taking MMS orally, it is highly effective and helps treat all the above mentioned problems. The oral dosage of the MMS will primarily go to the red blood cells, when MMS gets absorbed through the skin, it will directly go into the plasma of the blood. The more MMS that is circulating in your body, the faster the benefits of it will arise.

By soaking in a bath tub filled with MMS for about 20-30 minutes, those who have an issue of orally having more than 7 drops of dosages will now have much more MMS in their system, allowing for a faster recovery time.

  1. Make sure to wipe the bath tub to be COMPLETELY clean. Let no soap or other chemicals remain in the bath tub. It should be noted that some people add ¼ of a cup of DMSO to the water to help with skin penetration but it is not necessary.
  2. Place 30 drops of MMS in a small cup and activate it with 30 drops of 50% citric acid or 150 drops of 10% citric acid. Plan to sit for about 20 to 30 minutes in the tub. If you have any open wounds or open sores, consider reducing the drops of MMS to 20 and activate it with the respective amount of drops of citric acid.
  3. Let the MMS solution activate for around three minutes and while that is activating, fill the tub with five to eight inches of hot water for bathing. Make sure to not add any soap, perfume, or a bubble solution.
  4. Add the solution into the tub of water and swirl all the water. All the germs in water will begin to be eradicated and you can enter the tub to lay down in.
  5. When in the water, make sure to rotate sides and splash water onto your entire body. If MMS gets into your eye, wipe it with something soft. It will not harm your eyes unlike shampoo would.
  6. If there is a need, add more hot water if the temperature starts to go down.
  7. After you are finished and have drained the water, wipe away the remaining tub debris and you are good to go.
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