Staph infection has already claimed numerous lives across the globe but with MMS, it is easily and quickly treated within a day or two.

It is a simple treatment directed to the infected area, but you should start out with PROTOCOL 1000 in addition to what is listed below.

2.The PROTOCOL is similar for children but you start with ½ a drop per hour. After three to four hours check how the child is doing and if he is not feeling bad, increase the amount of drops. Never go over two drops for each 50 pounds of body weight. A general rule is to not go over two drops an hour.

Find a glass or any container that has an open mouth that can fit over the staph area or atleast over the staph opening in the skin. The glass or container must be clean and dry. Put six drops of MMS and mix it with six drops of 50% citric acid and shake it gently to mix. Put the mouth of the cup across the staph infection so that the gas rising from the MMS will directly touch the infection. Make sure that there is no opening for the gas to leak. Please not that you should only holy the glass or container with the MMS in the infected location no longer than 5 minutes.

Remove the glass and squeeze the infected area lightly. Blood and puss should immediately come out of the infection and if it does not, wait two hours and try again. To be sure that the MMS gas is present, you should see yellow gas in the glass when it is being pressed against your skin. You do not have to wait for the MMS to activate with the citric acid; put it over the infected area immediately. If you are using 10% citric acid, use the same procedure but hold it in place for seven minutes instead of five.

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