There have been many people that have started to implement MMS in their lives that said that the taste wasn’t so bad but after using it for about a few weeks, the bare thought of drinking MMS made them feel sick. One way to do that is to buy some empty capsules at your local health food store and mix the two drops of MMS and Citric Acid in the capsules. Immediately swallow each capsule with at least four ounces of water.

To avoid the aversion, find yourself a heavy kind of juice. Preferably a concentrated juice that you can add some water to. Make sure to not fill it all the way up and keep the juice extra heavy. Make sure that whatever juice you are choosing to incorporate does not have any added Vitamin C in it because that will of course cancel out the MMS that you will drink with it.

  1. Pour ½ a glass of whatever juice you are using (if it is a heavy dose of MMS, you can have more juice in your cup). Add two teaspoons of 10% citric acid solution to the juice (You may be able to avoid this step if you follow the other steps closely).
  2. In a second glass, pour in some of the same that you used earlier. This juice will be clean and will have no MMS added. This cup of juice will serve as the wash-down for after you drink the other juice. ¼ a glass will do just fine, you do not need to drink another ½ a glass of juice.
  3. Grab a third glass and make your MMS dosage. Activate it with the respected amount of citric acid solution and wait three minutes to activate. If you can’t stand the citric acid because of how it tastes, you can skip the citric acid that you added in the first step.
  4. Have some hard candy available and before you take your MMS, suck on it for a little to make the taste of MMS not be as bad.
    Swallow the ½ a glass of juice that contains your MMS dosage and immediately after, without taking a breath, swallow the other glass of clean juice to wash it all down. If you do it correctly, you will end up with no strange taste in your mouth. If you were to breathe in before drinking the second glass of juice, the oxygen would react with the MMS and cause the taste to arise in your mouth.
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