Sodium Chlorite Solution known as WPS is a unique chemical oxidizer that when activated in water, has the potential to be the best pathogen killer and leave everything alone.

WPS Drops will only destroy the bad pathogens in the water and in your system, but leave all the good bacteria and beneficial elements alone. Although the WPS is a weak oxidizer of only +.95 volts, it is the best for cleansing and cleaning

Sodium Chlorite Solution

Sodium Chlorite can be found in its natural state all over the world.
It is much cheaper to manufacture it than to actually mine it. It is still considered a mineral in either case.

There is nothing known to man that is better and more effective than Sodium Chlorite Solution at killing pathogens, viruses, molds, and parasites. It even has the potential to kill anthrax.

It is a part of only a handful of minerals that can kill pathogens and it can also sterilize hospital floors, slaughterhouses, water, vegetables and even farm food distributors.
The reason that why it only kills pathogens because pathogens including bacteria, molds, yeast, fungi, and disease-causing parasites all have an out membrane that can be easily oxidized by chlorine Dioxide.

A test that you can do on yourself:

Make a strong MMS solution of around 10 drops of MMS
Take the solution and put it on a leaf or a petal of a nearby plant

It will not damage the plant in any way and plants are 100 times more delicate than human skin or organs.
If you were to take Clorox or Bleach and spray it on a plant, the plant would be destroyed by both of those chemicals.

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