Any kind of burn should be sprayed with a full strength MMS solution (no citric acid added) directly onto the burned area

Make sure to not activate the MMS with lemon juice or citric acid. If you do not have a spray bottle, than you don’t need to worry. Just apply the MMS in the burned area and wait five minutes before washing it off. The pain should stop immediately or be reduced to almost nothing within the first several minutes, even on really bad burns. Once you rinse of the MMS, the burn should heal in ¼ the time it would normally take.

Sunburns should be treated the exact same way. If the area is still sore after rinsing it off, than do it again in five minutes and repeat the procedure. It is important to wash the MMS off in five minutes after applying it because if it is on the area for longer, than it may cause more damage to the burn. How this works is because MMS is very alkaline and the burns are acidic so when mixing both, it should make the area affected become a neutral ph.

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Sodium Chlorite
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