How to use MMS1 to treat Ebola

If you happen to be sick with Ebola, here are the simple instructions on how to treat it. On the first day, mix up a 6-drop dose of MMS. Take this 6-drop dose every ½ hour for four hours (8 doses in total). After completing four hours taking 6 drops every ½ hour, then take a 3-drop dose every hour for four hours (4, 3-drop doses in total). Just like that, it will help with all the effects of Ebola and you will be feeling good in no time. If you are not sick with Ebola but have been exposed to it or have been around people that have it, follow this protocol: Take a 6-drop does twice in the morning, one hour apart. Then take 1, 6-drop dose in the evening. If you are in an Ebola country but not in an Ebola area, take 2 6-drop doses in the morning, one hour apart. Make sure to never use MMS without the addition of 50% citric acid or 4-5% HCL. Make sure to follow all the important instructions on

Important. If at any time taking MMS you feel nausea, diarrhea or vomiting, cut back your doses by ½. If you do not do that, you will feel even sicker. Make sure that once you find the proper amount of drops to try and make it back up to where it is recommended for Ebola.

Mixing MMS in water

For the most part, MMS is taken in drinking water (not tap water that has chlorine, fluoride or other toxins added, as these might cancel out the effectiveness of MMS). If taste is an issue, plain mineral water, (with fizz and no sugar) can be effective to overcome the taste in many cases.
Taking a MMS dose in soda is better than not taking it at all. Some sodas work fine with MMS, Sprite, 7-Up, Fanta (the original formulas, do not use diet sodas or “lite”). You should mix your dose in a dry clean cup. After 30 seconds, add 1 ounce of Pepsi for example, and the rest water—that may be enough soda to just cover the taste of MMS, or even full strength Pepsi or soda can be used. In the USA and some other countries they often use additional additives in soda drinks that cancel out MMS, so do not use sodas if you are in the US but rather use sparkling mineral water (that’s water charged with carbon dioxide).
Note: If you are taking MMS in soda, but you don’t see any improvement at all after two days, then stop taking your MMS in soda, only use bottled drinking water to mix your doses.

When taking MMS

-Be diligent to take your dose every hour on the hour; do not break up your dosing hours such as four hours in the morning, then a three hour break, then four more hours. Take your doses consecutively. It is important that you can do that.
-Avoid drinking alcohol, coffee, tea, caffeinated drinks, milk, orange juice, or any drinks with added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
-Do not take foods or supplements particularly high in antioxidants such as Moringa, as these things cancel out the effectiveness of MMS.
-While on a particular protocol it is better to wait until you finish your MMS doses for the day before consuming the above things or space them out by at least two hours after your last daily dose, or two hours before starting your daily dosing.

Using MMS2 to handle Ebola

Purchase some calcium hypochlorite (60 to 80%) from a pool supply store, or a grocery store. Please note that thousands of people have taken these pills for many different diseases. Purchase some empty gel capsules, size #0 or size #1. (If empty capsules are not available, buy any bottle of pills that has capsules in it and empty out the medicine from each capsule as you will need the empty capsules to put the calcium hypochlorite so that you can take it.) Do not try to grind up the granules. Just fill the capsules with the granules as follows: Size #1 capsules are the smallest. If using size #0, fill to 3/4 full, if using size #1, fill the capsule full.

If you are already sick with Ebola

On the first day, take 1 capsule of either #1 or #0 capsule (after you have filled them according to the above instructions) every ½ hour for two hours—this is 4 capsules in total. Then for another six hours on day one, take 1 capsule every hour. On the second day, take 1 capsule of either #1 or #0 every two hours, until you have taken 5 capsules in total. Continue with this dosing for one week (7 days) or until well. After you complete one week of taking 5 capsules (every two hours apart), then drop down to taking 2 capsules a day, four hours apart. Do this for three weeks or until you are sure you are completely well.

If you are not sick with Ebola

If you are in an Ebola area then take 5 capsules a day every two hours. If you are in an Ebola country but not in an Ebola area, take 3 or 4 capsules a day. (Space them out by two hours). If you are not in an Ebola area or country, but have concerns of possible exposure, take 1 capsule a day. It’s good for you and will not hurt you as long as you control your doses.

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